The Fieldstone Review

Editor’s Note

It has been another year of great submissions here at The Fieldstone Review, and we have truly enjoyed assembling issue 9 for your reading pleasure. This year was a general issue, and we received a great mix of entries touching on a wide range of themes. Interestingly, this year there were more submissions than usual relating to politics, as well as to dead birds. Coincidence? We hope so. I’d like to thank the authors whose work appears in this issue (Jeffrey Alfier, Stephen Bett, Dallas Hunt, Shannon Jose-Riz, Shannon Kernaghan, Jonas Kiedrowski, Leah MacLean-Evans, Shannon McConnell, Sonnet Mondal, Melanie Oberg, Jared Pearce, April Vázquez, Linda White, Daniel Yetman, Nicole A. Yurcaba), and everyone who submitted pieces this year. It has been a privilege to read and publish your words.

Special thanks go out to our portfolio editors: Tara Chambers (Poetry), Adar Charlton and Martin Winquist (Fiction), and Jessica Ratcliffe (Non-Fiction). They, along with our team of intrepid readers (Jillian Baker, Shakti Brazier-Tompkins, Tara Chambers, Adar Charlton, Sara-Jane Gloutnez, Claire Peacock, Jessica Ratcliffe, Sheheryar Sheikh, Tristan Taylor, Adam Vázquez) had to make some tough choices this year, and I want to acknowledge all the time and care they put into the review process. Were I vested with the power of trophy-giving, this season’s MVP would undoubtedly be the ever-composed Shakti Brazier-Tompkins, who not only took on the tasks of copy-editing this issue and reading for two portfolios, but also lent her wisdom and organizational prowess to guiding a rookie Editor-in-Chief through the process of getting this journal online. Finally, you would not be reading these words without the heroic efforts of our web editors, Adam Vázquez and Jon Bath. Thank you, everyone!

We hope that you enjoy The Fieldstone Review 9, and if you feel inspired by these talented literary artists, consider lending your voice to next year’s issue.


Jade McDougall