The Fieldstone Review

Issue 11



Aesthetician by Allison McFarland

Painting on Waves by Nolan Janssens


Kiremit Caddesi, Balat, Istanbul: June 2015 by Zak Jones

That Cunning Woman, Cutty Sark by Kate Rogers

Milk Soup by Shauna Eveleigh Harris

A Eulogy to Honour the Death of Original Thinking, Laid to Rest by the Educational System by Lesley Machon

Her Resistance by Debbie Okun Hill

Hidden Series of Lies by Debbie Okun Hill

a strike, a show of hands by Sarah Jensen


In Sheep's Clothing by Kym Cunningham

Editor's Desk: Resistance Edition by Kyle Dase


Editor-in-Chief: Kyle Dase

Fiction Editor: Douglass Rasmussen

Poetry Editor: Ronda West

Non-Fiction Editor: Ian Moy

Copy Editor: Jillian Baker

Web Editors: Kyle Dase & Tristan Taylor

Issue 10



Mildred Mendelson by Naomi LaKritz

Lonesome Jubilee by Douglas W. Milliken

Ray's Rocket by Nathan TeBokkel

Happy 40th Jen by Nicholas Olson

Anxious Moon by Kyra MacFarlane


The Bird by Holly Day

The Lens Grinder by Amos Wright

Apotropaic by James W. Wood

Triptych of Crayon Man on Tight Rope by Valerie Mills-Milde

Potion Against Heart-Ache by Randel McCraw Helms

Hemingway's Beard by Myrna Garanis

Accidental Agriculture by Bertrand Bickersteth

The Lab Coat by Trudy Grienauer


The House on Strathnaver Avenue by Michelle Brown

On Family by Hejsa Christenson

Orange Soda Paradise by Rachel Laverdiere

Editor's Desk: Family Edition by Jade McDougall


Editor-in-Chief: Jade McDougall

Fiction Editor: Jillian Baker

Poetry Editor: Jade McDougall

Non-Fiction Editor: Kayla McCutcheon

Copy Editor: Shakti Brazier-Tompkins

Web Editors: Kyle Dase & Tristan Taylor