The Fieldstone Review

Issue 12


"Border Between Bonfire and Sky, Ocean and Stars" by Renée Cohen


Hidden Message by Peter Freeman

Conversations in Rhetoric by Samidha Kalia

Not from Here by Pamela Hensley


The Devil's Rope by Miles Knecht

New Nomads by D.J. Tyrer

Myself and Her Majesty's Government by Nancy Cook

Two Skeletons in a Cave in France by gillian harding-russell

It's a Life Like Any Other by Nigel Ford

Down Mines of Dreams by Nigel Ford

A Waste of Beauty Chimed by Nigel Ford

Winnie by Atar Hadari


Grandma Died Today by Benn Ward

Past Prime Time by Donald Dewey

Editor's Desk: Borders Edition by Kyle Dase


Editor-in-Chief: Kyle Dase

Fiction Editor: Shane Farris

Poetry Editor: Sarah Dorward

Nonfiction Editor: Ian Moy

Copy Editor: Jillian Baker

Web Editors: Tristan Taylor & Adam Vázquez