The Fieldstone Review

Triptych of Crayon Man on Tight Rope

by Valerie Mills-Milde

Frame 1:
on Pink ball of foot/ spliced by
Quicksilver wire
figure grips horizontal
Vermillion Red
(Slipping next picture from wool Fawn
coat your castanet hands quiver.
Must be lithium, I think.)

Frame 2:
Figure leaps defiant
Thrusts open Gold rays
his heart Crimson.
Orange propulsion
to Violet apex one
sharp, flared
(You cannot help it/ gravity will.
(I am not blind to the density of red,
I say. I know the weight.)

Frame 3:
I see
you strung high in
ragged photons.
The terrible sway of colour, I muse
Beneath you, a pool of Midnight Black
Above, an Indigo sky littered
with darting Yellow birds.