The Fieldstone Review

Editor's Desk: Resistance Edition

by Kyle Dase

At long last FSR 11 has arrived, the second issue to be featured on our shiny new website. I’d like to thank our editors for their diligence and insight through the editorial process: Jillian Baker (copy editor), Rhonda West (poetry), Ian Moy (creative nonfiction), and Douglas Rasmussen (fiction). Your hard work is much appreciated. FSR literally could not function without you. Thanks as well to my partner in crime, Tristan Taylor, for his great work on the technology side of things as co web-editor, particularly the poetry section. And thank you to our reading team who served at the front lines, reading a multitude of texts: Jillian Baker, Nicole Atkings, Elizabeth Miller, Ian Moy, Sheheryar Sheikh, Rob Imes, and Mark Doerksen.

Resistance is the theme of this issue and the pieces enclosed reflect the subject well. Whether it be the vocal pushback demonstrated in Sarah Jensen’s “strike” or the struggle for survival described in Zak Jones’s “Ramadan,” the pieces in this volume showcase its contributors’ many experiences and perceptions of resistance. Thank you to all who submitted for sharing your stories with us and all the authors who contributed to this issue for allowing us to feature your work in this issue: Kym Cunningham, Shauna Eveleigh Harris, Debbie Okun Hill, Nolan Janssens, Sarah Jensen, Zak Jones, Lesley Machon, Allison MacFarland, and Kate Rogers.