The Fieldstone Review


by Atar Hadari

When we came back from the other world
And first put you in a different bedroom,
We bought you a little something for first night –
A single bedroom set of Winnie the Pooh, as consolation.
With his round tum and extended arms
For the honeypot on the duvet
And Christopher Robin on the pack,
Kanga and Roo on the pillow set.
Now you are all grown up
Though not yet leaving that next room,
I wonder who will console whom
The night you go across the landing.
Will you buy us pictures of Santa Claus
Or maybe a tea-pot of the Dead Sea?
Or is there no hiding the loss
Once you have shuffled past the WC
And from there to the open plan
Living room, from there to the garden?
What will we need across our pillows that night
We know you’re gone, out of our realm?
The stars and moon or just a last
Note before bed-time:
“Mummy, Daddy – sorry I burnt the toast.
I love you,” – and no more melt-downs.