The Fieldstone Review

Do You Know These 10 Common Warning Signs of Depression

by Kurt Luchs

Not able to get out of bed
because you are handcuffed to a 1200-pound Kodiak bear
that has four tranquilizer darts in its neck and snores.
Persistent thoughts of harming yourself
by eating at Taco Bell.
Little everyday things that used to bring you joy,
like setting fire to your city and throwing bricks in policemen’s faces,
now seem more like work than play.
Pieces of darkness flake off of night’s canopy
to settle on you slowly, gently, until
you are covered in a uniform layer of black ash.
You suddenly realize you are rooting for the administrative assistant
in the Lifetime original movie you’re watching,
the energetic young woman who wants to seduce the husband,
kidnap the child and murder the wife.
Even the voices in your head
don’t want to talk to you anymore.
When sleep finally comes there are no dreams,
merely an announcer saying that that service
is only available to Premium Subscribers.
You find yourself pretending that every bill that drops
through your mail slot is a letter from a dear friend
threatening you with violence unless you repay the money you borrowed.
Loss of appetite except for truffles; apparently even a very sad person
can eat an entire box of those.
A small bronze plate appears mysteriously
on your bedroom door to declare that occupancy
by more than one person is both unlawful and ludicrous.