The Fieldstone Review

There is a Place

by Henry Matthew Ward

  There is a magical place,
  somewhere between memories and dreams,
  where we are not quite sure
  whether events have happened
  or are yet to happen…
  whether they are things remembered
  or things hoped for.
  Only the very young
  and the very old can get there.
  A place where a kiss
  can make the hurt go away;
  where a hug has no hidden agenda;
  where "I love you", means just that…
  nothing more…nothing less.
  A place where tears
  and smiles mingle together;
  where appearances don't matter,
  but we are beautiful, anyway;
  A place where music is poetry
  and poetry……is music.
  You and I have been there,
  but that was so long ago…
  When did we wander away?
  Have you found your way back yet?
  I know it's out there
  waiting for me to return,
  and I shall.