The Fieldstone Review

Plastic Passions

by I.B. (Bunny) Iskov

Can there ever be a forever love?
Only pliable plastic delivers decades of delight.
Love must be molded like celluloid
to make it steel-strong.

Is love immune to the acid test of time?
Toxic talk eats away at its fibre,
with no guaranty of reliability,
no extended warranty against breakdown
or failure to perform. 

Can feelings be shared with that significant other?
In some relationships you may say how you feel
because no one will listen to you anyway.
It is safe in a love affair perpetuated by poetry.
The poem invents a love that lasts forever. 

Is love adequately expressed in words?
There are thousands of ways to write about an affair. 
Romantic odes expose plastic passions.
Hidden under bleached boxes of old Valentines,
love poems serenade cadavers of long-gone lovers.

Does a pre-fab home preserve a love?
Large blue bins contain spent plastic longings,
recycled and sold at second-time-around prices.
Re-used love goes cheap worldwide.

While I hunger for the well-preserved saran-wrapped love,
my laminated heart lets me easily wipe clean
messy aftermaths of spoiled love affairs,
one of the advantages of plasticality.