The Fieldstone Review

Sit Back, Relax

by Jessie Brown

I love the popcorn, scrape of hands
in greased cartons... Fucking genius.  The kind of thing
I can’t say—another problem

my brothers don’t have, like high heels, fear
of interrupting, or five kinds of lotion
(face, hand, foot, body, cuticle)…  This is so

not a chick flick.  Like the inability 
to tune out someone else’s baby cranking
three rows back.  It’s tempting to change seats.

Just move up front.  But not behind 
a tall guy.  They don’t dread craned necks,  
nightsweats, salesmen who flirt…  No way.  

Just trade in the patience, the need
to smile—the need?  Forget it.  
Yes, it’s easy to stand up—

sink into an aisle seat, legs apart, 
take up all the air.  You think 
I should apologize, you can think again.